Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sensodyne Isoactive

I am not a "morning" person and even though I sometimes try to be, I don't think I'm fooling anyone. In the past, good strong coffee and soft fresh cinnamon rolls have made mornings bearable. But now I've found something that actually makes my mouth happy in the morning! The foamy, bubbly sensation of Sensodyne Isoactive toothpaste makes me look forward to brushing my teeth! Not that I'm a slacker in that area -- I actually floss every day. I even use a proxabrush. I have an electric toothbrush because it can scrub away that nasty plaque like nothing else. But the toothpaste.... well, that's never been much of an excitement for me. Until now. I love this stuff.

I normally use a "regular" toothpaste -- meaning not one for sensitive teeth. My husband routinely uses Sensodyne and I originally bought this for him. I happened to try it when I ran out of my own brand. I thought, "Oh, this is kinda nice." Then we used up the can and I bought myself a tube of my regular "normal" toothpaste and that's when I realized how much I really liked the Sensodyne Isoactive. It's not just the way it feels in the mouth -- I also like the "body" of the foam. It maintains a thickness during brushing that prevents that chin-dripping mess that can happen with regular toothpaste. I was glad to get through the tube of my old brand so I could go back to the Sensodyne Isoactive. (The MultiAction type we use is pictured, but it also comes in a Whitening formula.}

Works for me! Click HERE to get a $1.00 off coupon to try it yourself.

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